Meet mDash, your Project Management

Cut down time spent on tedious tasks so you can focus more on wowing your clients:

Are you using the right tools?

The most common tools for general project management were not designed for managing the development side of your operation.

We know, we tried them too.

Save your time, earn more.
mDash co-pilot automatically generates precise quotes, timelines, developer assignments, status updates, and more, propelling you from project request to kickoff in under a minute.
🤔 Here's How it Works.
📝 Instant Project Scoping.

Tired of grappling with limited technical knowledge when it comes to development-related project requests?

In 60 seconds or less, mDash can provide you and your clients with a comprehensive project scope, complete with a clear timeline and expected costs. Say goodbye to the hassles of project estimation, and say hello to instant scoping with mDash.

REPLACES: Jira, Clickup, Asana

🏗️ Auto Project Setup.

Tired of spending your valuable time crafting technical task titles and descriptions, assessing task difficulty, or reaching out to developers to gauge their availability?

mDash seamlessly organizes your project requests and instantly breaks them down into technical tasks. Your developers are then automatically assigned based on their skill level and availability, sparing you the hassle of constant inquiries or back and forth with your team.

REPLACES: Jira, Clickup, Asana

🤖 Workflow Automation.
Tired of the constant back-and-forth and managing the complexities of an internal or external development team?

mDash takes the burden off your shoulders. With features like Self-Submission, Instant Project Scoping, Automated Developer Check-Ins, and auto-tracking of timelines and costs, we streamline your workflow effortlessly. You can now focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional projects while keeping both your team and clients happy.

REPLACES: Jira, Clickup, Asana

📈 Velocity & Budget Tracking.

Struggling to manage client expectations and maintain transparent communication throughout your projects?

mDash provides direct oversight and control, ensuring an engaged, real-time development journey for your projects. With us, you can watch your projects come to life as your engineers work live, making it easier to meet client expectations and maintain a profitable yet satisfying project journey.

REPLACES: Jira, Clickup, Asana

👥 Sharing Friendly.

Do you often collaborate with freelancers, contractors, external teams, and clients, in addition to your internal team members?

With mDash, you can give your clients and external teams access to the same project boards as your developers, enabling them to interact and stay informed about the project’s status at their convenience. This not only ensures transparency but also strengthens client relationships through seamless communication.

REPLACES: Jira, Clickup, Asana

Elevate Your Workflow.
Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional project management and hello to effortless efficiency.

01. Zero interaction time.

No more meetings. No more emails. Submit your request in plain-english, then sit back and relax, let mDash work its magic and power your operation.

02. Seamless Collaboration.

Break free from silos, email threads, and endless meetings. mDash empowers organizations to seamlessly share projects with consultants, freelancers, and agencies, streamlining leadership, design, and development efforts.

03. Real-Time Transparency.

mDash provides direct oversight, input, and project control. Watch your projects come to life as your engineers get to work, ensuring an engaged, real-time development journey.

“This is much easier and more intuitive to use than Asana.”

 The feedback and reactions to mDash say it all.

Frequently Asked Questions?

No, you can continue to maintain your Asana, Clickup, or Trello accounts, but many of our users find they no longer need these existing platforms for managing their web development projects.
Other platforms simply aren’t designed to save you money on web development projects. By automating time-consuming tasks on mDash, you’ll be adding time, money, and additional resources not just another platform.
Nope! Your clients simply type in their project request and mDash generates an accurate quote and assigns the tasks to your developers in less than a minute. mDash will automatically check with your developers, providing you with up to date status reports on your existing tasks and proejcts.

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